Our Plan superimposed on image of New Zealand coastline

Our plan for a modern New Zealand we can all be proud of

The Coalition Government’s long-term plan sets out our priorities and the steps we are taking to build a modern and fairer New Zealand.

A better New Zealand for this generation – and the next

Our plan builds on the significant changes we have already made over the last year. Importantly, this is a long-term plan.

We are looking out 30 years ahead, not just three – bringing fresh energy and thinking to tackle big challenges, like climate change and child poverty. 

Find out exactly what’s included below, or read more about our plan from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


Our plan:

1. An economy that is growing and working for all of us

We are building a modern economy that is fit for the 21st century and beyond. That means being smarter in how we work. It means an economy that produces and exports higher value goods, one that protects the environment, supports our regions to grow, and one that makes sure all New Zealanders share in the rewards of economic growth.

We cannot continue to rely on an economy built on population growth, an overheated housing market and the export of raw commodities. That has led to the gap between rich and poor widening, our regions being neglected, and too many people being left behind.

Read our plan for a modern economy

2. Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families

We want every New Zealander to have access to world-class education and healthcare, live in a home that is healthy and in a community that is safe, and to realise their potential.

For too long New Zealanders have not been able to access the services they deserve. Too many have been forced to live in damp, cold homes – and too many have had their dream of owning their own home dashed.

Read our plan to improve wellbeing

3. Making New Zealand proud

It is time for a new kind of government that builds an even better New Zealand we can all be proud of, through modern compassionate leadership that recognises the value of every New Zealander and backs all our people.

Read our plan for a new kind of government