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Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families

We want every New Zealander to have access to world-class education and healthcare, live in a home that is healthy and in a community that is safe, and to realise their potential.

For too long New Zealanders have not been able to access the services they deserve. Too many have been forced to live in damp, cold homes, and too many have had their dream of owning their own home dashed.

We will:

A. Ensure everyone who is able to, is earning, learning, caring or volunteering

Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to their community in a way that is meaningful for them.  We will do this through:

  • Innovative training schemes like Mana in Mahi/Strength in Work where employers are supported to take on apprentices and new schemes to tackle youth unemployment
  • Fees Free – encouraging young and old to take up post-school education and training
  • Ensuring quality careers advice is available
  • Modernising our school system and strengthening NCEA
  • Introducing a School Leavers Toolkit to prepare students for the workplace

B. Support healthier, safer and more connected communities

We are building a New Zealand where people feel healthy, safe and happy in their homes and communities. That means we will provide better access to affordable, quality healthcare, and better health outcomes for everyone. It means reducing crime, especially re-offending so there are fewer victims of crime.

We are providing access to affordable, quality healthcare by:

  • Reducing GP fees
  • Providing free doctors’ visits for under 14s
  • Overhauling mental health services – informed by our Mental Health Inquiry
  • Putting nurses and mental health workers in schools
  • Improving access to medicinal cannabis

We will support safer communities by:

  • Investing in crime prevention and rehabilitation
  • Adding 1800 more police
  • Tackling organised crime
  • Reducing family and sexual violence

C. Ensure everyone has a warm, dry home

Every New Zealander should have a safe, warm, dry home to call their own – even if they’re renting. Our priorities are:

  • Building 6400 more public houses
  • Building 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers through KiwiBuild
  • Removing letting fees and strengthening the rights of renters
  • Ensuring landlords provide adequate insulation, heating and ventilation through the Healthy Homes Guarantee
  • Ending homelessness by boosting Housing First and other programmes

D. Make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child

This Government is committed to raising tens of thousands of children out of poverty. Our priorities include passing into law the Child Poverty Reduction Bill so governments can be measured by their progress in reducing poverty.

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