Common web platform drives efficiencies

  • Chris Tremain
Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain announced today that Government agencies now have access to a Common Web Platform to share and reuse website features. 

The Common Web Platform is a shared web platform developed for government agencies by Wellington ICT company, SilverStripe and hosted by another New Zealand company, Revera, through Infrastructure as a Service, another All-of-Government service.

“The common web platform is part of the ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017, announced in June, calling for shared investments, pooled resources and reduced duplication across different departments,” says Mr Tremain. 

“The web platform is the underlying system which allows an agency to create and deliver high quality websites.  The CWP is quite literally a ‘platform’ to deliver better, cheaper and faster services to the New Zealand public. 

“In terms of procurement there are potential savings of $50,000 per web project. On its own it’s not a big amount but when spread over the whole of government we’re looking at estimated savings of over $1 million dollars a year.

“This all-of-government  web services contract  is part of the drive for Better Public Services. The deal maximises web technologies and makes it easier for New Zealanders to interact with government online.”

More information about the Common Web Platform is available at:

The Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017 is available at: