Te Whare Ohaoha – Action Plan Refresh

  • Hon Nanaia Mahuta
Māori Development

Te Whare Ohaoha – Action Plan Refresh

Waikato Region Māori Economic Development

Rāmere 14 Pipiri 2019, 11.20am

Talking Points

  • It is an honour to be here with you today to launch Te Whare Ohaoha, the Waikato Region Māori Economic Development Action Plan Refresh.
  • I acknowledge the vision and collaboration of Waikato Regional Council and Waikato Tainui and the more recent work by Te Waka and Iwi of the Waikato Region that has led to this Action Plan Refresh.
  • In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, disparity, globalisation, and localisation, there is no better time to be bold in our dreams of transformational change for our people and their communities.
  • It is through these very examples of courageous and adaptive leadership that we are able to pursue a common agenda and be the role model for change.
  • As agencies, organisations and institutions it is our role to ensure our systems and policies promote sustainable community-led economic development.
  • Government investment into the Waikato Region has already spurred a range of economic activities, particularly through the Provincial Growth Fund and Whenua Māori.
  • We are a government that recognises resilient whānau and communities are the backbone of our society.  This is reflected in our twelve priorities which are grouped under three main themes:
    • Building a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy
    • Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families
    • Ensuring new leadership by government
  • The objectives of Te Whare Ohaoha contribute toward these priorities by:
    • Encouraging a concerted approach for mobilising resources to improve the economic health and wellbeing of our people and communities
    • Promoting bold and courageous actions that inspire us all to work together for the common benefit
    • Leveraging the existing physical and financial assets across the region, and unlocking our human capital potential to realise individual and community wellbeing and productivity gains
    • Shifting from deprivation to abundance with education and training as prioritised enablers necessary for accessing new experiences and opportunities whether they are starting businesses, accessing higher value jobs, building financial security and further investing in intergenerational whānau wellbeing; and 
    • Taking on a values-based approach:
      • Whanaungatanga
      • Manaakitanga
      • Mahitahi
  • I am excited about the innovation emerging from Māori Collectives and Whanau Enterprise.
  • As a people, we sit at the nexus of Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Hurihuri. This position is one of strength, diversity, aspiration and unrealised potential.
  • Te Whare Ohaoha, through its ecological approach, makes explicit the connection between collective, whānau and rangatahi development. It also recognises the unique role each of these groups play in building a robust and resilient future for our region.  
  • At the collective level, Te Whare Ohaoha is about creating and amplifying returns on investment;
  • For whānau it is about harnessing enterprise opportunities in pursuit of whanau aspirations;
  • And for rangatahi it is about preparing for a future of success and succession.
  • The most exciting thing for me is the interconnected nature of the pou of Te Whare Ohaoha. These provide opportunities for social procurement and social impact investment that will support the mobilisation of our communities.
  • The outcomes of Te Whare Ohaoha are inspirational and reflect the unique position and context of ngā pou o Te Whare Ohaoha. They are:
    • Māori Collectives are mobilised and collaborating for common benefit
    • Whānau are pursuing their aspirations for financial independence through enterprise
    • Rangatahi Māori are contributing to their communities and developing their professional profile.
    • Today we celebrate the progress you have made and promoting the plan for the year ahead.
  • I am pleased to see that since the initial strategy was launched last year, a range of research, educational and networking initiatives, relationship building and multi-stakeholder projects within the technology and tourism sectors, have been achieved.
  • I have no doubt that the next year will bring both challenges and successes but these are necessary for ensuring we develop and maintain healthy and connected communities across the region.
  • It is my pleasure to launch and celebrate Te Whare Ohaoha. I wish you every success through its implementation.
  • Tēnā koutou.