• Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

Special guest, ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed a pleasure to be here today as Minister of Commerce and Industry to present two awards.

I have a keen interest in seeing progress being made by New Zealand commerce, industry and Government, as we strive to compete on the world market. Being a trading nation it is vital that both industry and Government continue to improve the way we do things.

Nothing ever stands still. While some may think Government has done all the improvements it needs to, simply they are wrong. We in Central government have a long way to go before we can say we operate at international best practice. Industry itself has progressed enormously over the last decade. There are many success stories to be told. However there are still areas for improvement, especially in areas of quality control, consistency, risk management, and better management practices.

I know it is not an easy market to operate in out there at the moment. But what we often find is that it is the leaner times which are the catalyst for the most innovation and new ideas which can lay new foundations for longterm progress.

So it is very pleasing to be here today to present two awards to two organisations who have worked hard to continually improve, and to adapt to the changing environment within which they operate.

My first job to present a certificate to Telarc, awarding them JAS_ANZ accreditation status for QS 9000 quality management standards for the motor industry.

QS-9000: QS-9000 is a set of quality standards developed specifically for suppliers of components to manufacturers in the automotive industry. It incorporates ISO 9000 standards with mandatory and advisory requirements of the auto manufacturers. It was first published in the USA, in August 1994, as a harmonisation of Chryslers supplier quality assurance manual, Fords Q101 and General Motors targets for excellence, with some input from truck manufacturers.

Telarc QS-9000 Programme Telarc New Zealand is the first certifying body in New Zealand to be accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System Australia and New Zealand) to certify businesses to QS-9000 standards. Telarc has established this programme to support a specific New Zealand industry group to improve their quality performance and competitiveness. Telarc has four lead auditors qualified to conduct QS-9000 assessments.

I formally present the JAS-ANZ Schedule of Attachment covering QS-9000 to Llew Richards CEO Telarc NZ. Congratulations

The second award is to Kenson Industries (Auckland) Limited Kenson Industries (Auckland) Ltd (August 1996) are the first New Zealand company to achieve QS-9000 certification

Kenson Industries (Auckland) Ltd is part of Kenson Industries Limited based in Wellington, which has been owned by Kawashima Textiles since 1988. It was founded in Wellington in 1959 as Brugger Industries.

This company is one that is adapting to changing environment. I would like to congratulate Graeme and his team for recently setting up a joint venture with UFL seating systems. This will have Kenson and their joint venture partner making upmarket seating for auditoriums, convention centres and theatres in New Zealand and overseas.

I also understand Kenson is looking for business in Australia where QS-9000 certification is expected to become a mandatory requirement for suppliers to vehicle manufacturers.

The QS-9000 registration is for the Auckland operations where Kenson supply fully trimmed seats and door panel sets to Toyota, Nissan and Vehicle Assemblers New Zealand.

I would like to formally present this certificate to Kevin Bell, GM Kenson Industries Auckland. Congratulations well done. Thankyou