Minister Welcomes Disengagement Summit Report

  • Jack Elder

The Minister of Police, the Hon Jack Elder, today welcomed the findings of the Disengagement Summit Report which he says will address an issue that has concerned the police and taxpayers for some time.

Mr Elder says the Government will be considering the report's recommendation that changes are made to certain aspects of the Government Superannuation Fund's (GSF) provisions affecting Police.

"I recognise that reforming superannuation provisions for those staff still in the Government Superannuation Fund has the potential to remove the inflexibility that currently exists and which is said to encourage officers to disengage rather than resign.

"This is a matter that I and my colleagues will be considering. I expect to be able to make an announcement soon about conducting a review of the GSF police sub-scheme."

Mr Elder says he also hopes the work the summit has done will dispel some of the myths that have grown up around disengagement.

"There has been some widespread misconceptions held about disengagement and a perception that police staff are ripping off the taxpayer through this process.

"Despite what many people think, the report's findings show that in general terms disengagement applications have not been based on spurious grounds or subject to abuse.

"It also shows that policing is a stressful job and that more needs to be done to take better care of staff health and safety.

I will be encouraging the police to improve their systems in this area so that staff suffering stress or from the effects of job-related trauma are identified sooner and given appropriate help."