Launch of Napier City Council Home Safety Flipchart

  • Craig Foss
Senior Citizens

Thank you for inviting me to the launch of your home safety flipchart.

This is important information that will support Napier’s older people to live safely and confidently in the community.

You have had a number of partners in developing this resource and there is no doubt that a job shared is a job well done. This flipchart is an excellent example of what agencies can do when they work together in partnership.

It is a privilege for me to be in the heart of Hawkes Bay as Minister for Senior Citizens, to talk about positive ageing and keeping safe in the community.
I would like to acknowledge her worship the Mayor, Barbara Arnott. Barbara – my warmest congratulations to you and your councillors for achieving a Safer Community Accreditation from the World Health Organisation. A mighty effort that shows your strong community leadership here in Napier.

I would also like to acknowledge local kaumātua. You play an important role advocating for older people.
We value you for the contributions you have made in the past, for the work you do now and for the work we know you will continue to do in the community.

This Saturday, 1 October, is International Day of Older Persons. It is a special day celebrated throughout New Zealand and the rest of the World. It reminds us to honour, respect and acknowledge our older people.

Here in Napier, we have a higher than average number of people aged 65 years and over when compared to the rest of New Zealand.

Napier is a great community to grow older in and the number of older people living here is proof of that.

I too have a strong commitment to community – my parents saw to that. They taught me my values and what is important in life. I know about the wisdom, the strength and the resilience of older people, and I understand how important this is to weaving a strong society.

Older people enrich families, their neighbourhoods and communities. This is particularly so when they are able to mentor younger people. When they do, it provides strong links and support especially to children without grandparents or older relatives.

There is no doubt that older people contribute to the economy and to strong communities. They teach younger generations by good example, guiding them to make good choices and to be responsible for their own lives as they themselves have been.

Most older people feel valued because they are part of communities who understand their worth and the power of their contribution.

Once again - Congratulations Napier, for establishing strong collaborative relationships and creating this home safety flip chart for your older residents.

I hope you will share your idea with the rest of the country. In fact - it would be great to see it listed as a community initiative from Napier on my Office for Senior Citizens positive ageing website.

I wish you every success in maintaining your international acclaim as a Safe City.