Delamere Corrects AA's Misinformation

  • John Delamare

Customs Minister Hon Tuariki Delamere today rejected the reported comments of Automobile Association secretary-general George Fairbairn that "the Government had abandoned car buyers by stopping Customs odometer checks".

"It is regrettable that an otherwise responsible organisation like the AA should persist in misleading the public in this way," he said.

"Mr Fairbairn ought to know that the real deception on the car-buying public was the previous pretence that odometer checks were a sufficient safeguard against fraudulent activity.

"The system now being developed will give far greater consumer protection to car buyers, while promoting the honest concept that those buyers have a responsibility to check their own purchases through compression tests, mechanical checks and so on.

"The AA has a vital role to play in the fight against car fraud through the credibility of its own vehicle inspection service.

"The days of the nanny State overseeing every activity of every citizen are long gone, and Mr Fairbairn damages the credibility of the AA by his constant yearning for its return," said Mr Delamere.