APEC Represents Nearly 3 Billion of the World's People

  • Jenny Shipley
Prime Minister

We will be welcoming their leaders to New Zealand.

Thousands of millions around the world will have the opportunity to look through our window.

They'll see our culture. Our country. Our wine & food. Our lifestyle. Our fun loving sport mad people.

This is a chance we must make the most of. It is valuable in every respect. In trade and in tourism terms we intend to see New Zealand people make their mark and are remembered.

To help see that this happens our APEC brand will show our colours. They speak of our values , our aspirations, our spirit and our intentions.

They speak about who we are. We will let them speak for themselves.

Blue Horizons. As far as the eye can see. There are no limits. No boundaries. The world ?s our oyster. We make our own rules. We?re entrepreneurs and innovators. Take the plunge. Make a leap of faith. Take on the world. Go for it.

Cultured. We talk, we laugh, we sing, we cry, we paint, we dance. With all our heart and soul. We have a rich and diverse culture that is uniquely our own. It has intrigued the world and informed our future. It?s our Taonga.

Green As. Lush, rich and productive, grass, bush, forests, farmlands, fiords, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, rivers, beaches and fresh air. They?re famous. They?re Godzone?s natural gifts. And the world wants to come and experience them. Welcome to Wonderland.

Kiwi Brown. Some things are truly shared New Zealand experiences. They?re our roots. Things like number eight fencing wire, backyard barbeques, the bach, Kiwi boot polish, khaki uniforms, swandris and gumboots. They mean something deep down. It?s called Kiwiana.

Long White. Our Aotearoa. A young island nation at the end of the earth, like nowhere else. Still forming our identity. Distant enough for our individuality and purity of vision to emerge.

Quarter Acre Ochre. Our quarter acre castles, our family?s kingdom. From Mission Bay to Methven, we create our personal spaces. Our own little patch, a place to hang your hat, a place to call home. Where we lives defines us.

Silver Lining. There?s a precious potential waiting to be discovered. It?s a sparkle in the eye, a dream, a hidden talent. Enthusiasm and encouragement. Our young people can do anything and take us places we could never foresee. Let?s take that journey with them.

Zeal Teal. We came as adventurers and pioneers and our questing spirit remains. Zealous in our desire to stretch our wings and broaden our experiences, we are the world?s greatest travellers.

Awe Black. The men and women wearing black are awesome. Athletes and rugby players, they fly our flag, carry our dreams and sometimes bring us to tears. They are our most visible symbol of a colour that stands for pride and competitiveness.

New Zealanders are filled with character ? strength, culture, energy, imagination.

We are confident in our youthfulness, yet certain we can succeed.

In 1999 and the year 2000 New Zealanders must show their real colours. APEC, in addition to all that it can mean in trade and foreign affairs terms, provides us with an opportunity to do just that.