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The Government has received a report outlining the need for a wide range of reforms to speed up the resolution of outstanding EQC claims, says EQC Minister Megan Woods.

The Government is launching a special insurance tribunal to resolve outstanding Earthquake Commission (EQC) and insurance claims, as well as launching a public inquiry into EQC, says Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission Megan Woods.
The Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission Megan Woods has today announced changes to the EQC scheme.

The Independent Ministerial Advisor sent in to speed up EQC’s Canterbury claims be tasked with improving claims management, assessing operational, resourcing, policy and legislative constraints and assessing any constraints caused by processes with private insurers, Minister Megan Woods has announced.

The Residential Advisory Service, which provides help for earthquake claimants to navigate insurance issues, has been saved and will have its funding extended until July 2018, the new Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Megan Woods, has announced.