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Many of the planned changes, to be announced in further detail next month, will also introduce greater flexibility and clarity into the tax laws as they affect the self employed and small businesse

  • Bill English
  • Treasurer

The Government will make life simpler for small businesses by cutting red tape, and removing outdated regulations and laws, Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford announced today.

  • Max Bradford
  • Enterprise and Commerce

The Government will help grow ideas and match them with investors, Minister for Research, Science and Technology Maurice Williamson, and Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford announced toda

  • Maurice Williamson
  • Research, Science and Technology

The Government will set up the Higher Learning Sector Taskforce to map a strategic vision for our tertiary education sector, Minister for Tertiary Education Max Bradford said today.

  • Nick Smith
  • Education

Dr Smith said it was vital for New Zealand's future that our top maths, science and technology teachers were up with the latest developments in their specialist areas and that teachers were enco

  • Nick Smith
  • Education

The Government will spend up to $37 million a year to fund more than 1600 tertiary education scholarships, Minister for Tertiary Education Max Bradford announced today.

  • Max Bradford
  • Tertiary Education


  • Bill English
  • Treasurer


Hon Max Bradford

Enterprise and Innovation Ministerial Team Leader

Minister of Commerce and Enterprise

  • Max Bradford
  • Commerce

Bright Future Package a Challenge for All New Zealanders

Rt Hon Jenny Shipley

Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jenny Shipley says the Bright Future Package represents a challenge to all New Zealanders, Government included.

"Today we have launched a blueprint for the years ahead. Bright Future is about helping ourselves and future New Zealanders to prosper.

"It is about sharing a vision and working to achieve it.

  • Jenny Shipley
  • Prime Minister

Minister's Foreword

  • Wyatt Creech
  • Health

Closing the Gaps: social services and employment

Hon Steve Maharey

Minister of Social Services and Employment

  • Steve Maharey
  • Social Services and Employment

1999 Bill English {public msg}
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  • Bill Birch
  • Finance

It is very important that people - both health service providers and the general public - know about this strategy.

  • Wyatt Creech
  • Health

Overall Transport Policy

  • Maurice Williamson
  • Transport

Hon Murray McCully
Minister for Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance


  • Murray McCully
  • Accident Insurance
  1. This report presents the conclusions of the Commerce and Occupational Safety and Health Service (OSH) review team.
  • Max Bradford
  • Enterprise and Commerce

February 1999

Dear Meat Producer,

Review of Meat Board's Plan for Change

  • John Luxton
  • Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control