Zero Carbon Bill consultation attracts thousands of submissions

  • Hon James Shaw
Climate Change

The Government’s plan to introduce a new Zero Carbon Bill has brought thousands of people together to discuss how we address climate change.

More than 14,000 submissions were received during the six week consultation, which closed today.

“I have been impressed by the number of businesses and farming leaders who have stood up to share their commitment to leading the change,” says the Minister for Climate Change.

“I believe there will be many benefits that come from us taking advantage of the opportunities from the transition that the Zero Carbon Bill will help us achieve.

“The Bill will put a target in place to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, and it will set up the steps and the institutions we need to get there, such as an independent Climate Change Commission.

“What’s really promising is that the vast majority of New Zealanders are firmly behind us taking action. In particular, I welcome the bi-partisan support we’ve had for key parts of the Bill,” James Shaw says. 

“People have told us they are already concerned about the damage they can see from climate change; the increase in storms and droughts, and rising sea levels.

“Not surprisingly, the more ambitious voices we heard were young New Zealanders. They will be living through the impacts of our decisions by 2050.

“Many people told us we will need to walk carefully through the 30 year transition.

“Moving to a low emissions economy will impact some communities more than others.

“It will shape the sorts of jobs people have in the future, and where some of us live.

“We need to get the balance right; moving quickly enough to address climate change, while not moving so quickly that we put parts of our economy at risk or, for example, slow down growing Māori enterprise.

 “The next step is for us to work through all of the feedback from around the country and draft a Bill that will be enduring,” says Mr Shaw.