Youth Parliament selections begin

  • Paula Bennett
Youth Affairs

As the Parliamentary year officially begins tomorrow, it's time to call on young people to stand up and be counted in Youth Parliament 2010.

This is an opportunity for young people to be heard in the very chamber where this country's politicians regularly debate legislation and the issues of the day.

"I want to hear from young people who have a passion for the future of New Zealand and are willing to stand up and have their voice heard," says Youth Minister Paula Bennett.

The selection process now open, will see young Parliamentarians take over Parliament in July when Youth Parliament comes to session.

Youth Parliament 2010 is open to young people aged 16 - 18 years old who want to represent young people's views to Ministers and Members of Parliament.

Youth Parliament 2010 is a significant opportunity for young New Zealanders to share their views with the country's decision-makers. In May 2010, the Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon Paula Bennett, will announce the Youth Parliament 2010 Bill to be considered.

Youth Parliament 2010 is a joint initiative of the Minister of Youth Affairs and the Speaker of the House of Representatives and is organised by the Ministry of Youth Development in collaboration with the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Office of the Clerk, the Parliamentary Service and New Zealand's 122 Members of Parliament.

Anyone interested in becoming a Youth MP should contact their local MP's office or the Ministry of Youth Development.