Youth Parliament hits the web

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

Hon Deborah Morris today launched the official web page of the 1997 Youth Parliament.

Deborah Morris said, "The web page is designed so that everyone can get involved, in some way, in the work of the Youth Parliament. There is information to allow schools or individuals to learn about how Parliament works. It is a valuable resource that allows young people to find out more about the Parliament that represents them."

Every Youth MP has their name and photo on the web page, along with information about the programme for the Youth Parliament.

Once it is available, people will be able to read the Bill which will be debated during the Youth Parliament. The Bill will look at tertiary education and student allowances.

After the Youth Parliament an official copy of the proceedings will be published (Hansard), and this will be placed on the web site.

The web site also details information about the Ministry of Youth Affairs, how to listen to the Youth Parliament on your radio, and links to other Youth Parliaments around the world.