Youth Corps Programmes Stay Put

  • Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

The Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon Deborah Morris, today announced the continued location of the New Zealand Conservation Corps and Youth Service Corps programmes in the Ministry of Youth Affairs. In addition, extra funding is ear-marked for safety-related aspects such as additional equipment and staffing.

"This Cabinet decision reflects the high regard in which these programmes are held. The Ministry of Youth Affairs has achieved remarkable results over the ten years it has been administering them. Particularly impressive are the consistently high outcomes. Up to 80% of participants move into work or further training and education within six months of leaving a course," said Hon Deborah Morris.

"Cabinet reviewed the location of the youth corps programmes in the context of recent initiatives and changes as part of the Government's Employment Strategy", added Ms Morris.

"A key aspect of the success of the Conservation and Youth Service Corps programmes is their youth development focus. Cabinet agreed that the Ministry of Youth Affairs would continue to have the greatest interest in ensuring that the youth development focus of the programmes would be maintained. The issue will be given further consideration by Cabinet in twelve months time.

The programmes will be closely linked to the new Regional Employment Commissioners of the Work and Income Agency.

"This will ensure the needs of youth corps programme participants throughout the country will continue to be met. As part of the link with the Work and Income Agency, Corps members will move onto the Community Wage during their training from July next year," concluded Ms Morris.