Youth Awareness Week 2-8 August 1999

  • Tony Ryall
Youth Affairs

Youth Affairs Minister, Tony Ryall, today congratulated the organisers of 'Youth Awareness Week' for their choice of an important and timely theme for this year's event.

Youth Awareness Week is an annual event that focuses attention on young people. Each year the week has a theme, this year it's 'Youth in the Media ' How the Media Shapes Society's Attitudes to Youth'.

'For many young people the media is their primary source of information, and it can strongly influence and shape opinions,' said Tony Ryall.

'The media also offers young people one way of making themselves heard and to put forward a more positive image than is sometimes seen.

'I want to encourage young people to participate in the decision-making process. Having a voice in the media is one way they can do this.

"Activities planned for 'Youth Awareness Week' will give an insight into young people's attitudes toward the media. Activities include competitions for school students where they can: write an essay on 'Young people and the media: does the media shape society's attitudes or reflect them'; produce a collage from the written media that reflects young people; and, keep a diary for the week of how young people are portrayed on TV.

"The results should be very interesting.

'I am pleased to support 'Youth Awareness Week', and the range of activities taking place", Mr Ryall said.


Media Contact: Bryan Smith 04-471-9219 025-332-826

The week is organised by the New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development. For further information on 'Youth Awareness Week' contact:

Dr Peter Watson New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development (NZAAHD) National President Phone: 025 286 1825