• Deborah Morris
Youth Affairs

Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon Deborah Morris, today came out strongly against the possible introduction of alcoholic ice blocks into New Zealand.

While there are no current moves to bring alcoholic ice block products into the country, they have recently been introduced into Australia.

"New Zealanders should resist these products being introduced. It is entirely inappropriate and irresponsible to market alcoholic products that deliberately target young people," she said.

"We need to keep focusing our efforts on drug and alcohol education. The key is for young people to develop skills to enable them to make responsible decisions in relation to drug and alcohol use.

"In addition, liquor importers should consider signing up to a code of practice that prevents the deliberate targeting of young people."

The Sale of Liquor Act would apply in relation to sales of alcoholic ice blocks if they were available, however, Ms Morris questioned creating a problem we don't have to have."

Ms Morris supported the stand the New Zealand Drug Foundation and the Alcohol Advisory Council are taking on this issue.