• Max Bradford
Enterprise and Commerce

"Here we go again - another great leap backwards," Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford said today in response to the Labour Party's proposal to prohibit parallel importing of compact discs, videos, books and software for two years after first release.

"Labour wants to deny New Zealanders the opportunity to get low cost goods. They also want to deliver high profits into the hands of foreign-owned monopoly importers," Mr Bradford said.

"If one looks at the policy announcements made by the Labour Party over the past two weeks, there is a strong thread of a return to subsidies and protection by Labour, and of increasing taxes.

"This simply proves the point that they want to take New Zealand backwards to the past and to an economic structure which was proven to have failed.

"Even the last Labour Government accepted that protection and subsidies didn't work for the benefit of New Zealanders.

"This modern day prescription of failed past policies will certainly not work in an open, globalised and competitive international market place when New Zealand is doing well even under today's straightened economic circumstances."