Who does Helen think she's kidding?

  • Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

"Who does Helen Clark think she is fooling when she says her party aims to give ordinary people a fair go?" asked Roger Sowry, Minister of Social Services, Work and Income.

"The Labour party's housing policy is completely unfair to 250,000 low-income families who will lose the accommodation supplement because they are paying a mortgage or rent from a private landlord. How fair is that? "

"Not only is Labour's housing policy unfair, it would also result in a return to the bad old days where we have huge waiting lists because 250,000 more people will want a state house because they'll pay less for them", stated Mr Sowry.

"This National-led Government believes in providing accommodation assistance for those New Zealanders who need it most. We don't just help the minority of about 60,000 who live in state houses", said Mr Sowry.