White Paper for Vulnerable Children

  • Paula Bennett
Social Development

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced the planned release of the White Paper for Vulnerable Children and public submissions.

“The solutions in this paper are detailed, far reaching and will affect every New Zealander – this is the most significant advance in the protection of children this country has ever seen,” says Mrs Bennett.

“The work on this began with public consultation on the Green Paper, which resulted in nearly 10,000 public submissions, making it one of the most comprehensive public consultation processes.”

The submissions are vital to this substantial work to better protect children.

“The public submissions are a rich resource and I believe it’s important to share them so we will release these in summary form and substantial submissions in full.”

Submissions include the voices of around 2,000 children and young people.

Before any individual submissions can be released it is important any privacy concerns and sensitive personal information are taken into account.

The White Paper is on track and will lay out a way forward for better protecting our vulnerable children. It will now be released in October.

“This just gives us a few extra weeks to ensure the final paper is comprehensive and robust,” says Mrs Bennett.

The White Paper for Vulnerable Children is a detailed and complex document involving children, parents, community, government departments, non-government organisations, volunteers and professionals.

Timeline for release:

  • 14 August - executive summary and full summary of submissions
  • 14 August - around 600 full submissions from non-government and other organisations
  • 14 August - transcribed voices of around 2,000 children and young people
  • 12 October - White Paper for Vulnerable Children

Some of the areas the White Paper addresses include: responsibility for children, information sharing, targeting services, monitoring, services and collaboration.

A team of people read, analysed and collated nearly 10,000 Green Paper submissions, with many more officials and experts across government agencies tasked with developing the Paper.

Minister Bennett held 17 public meetings for the Green Paper tour, in towns and cities from Kaitaia to Invercargill, engaging with several hundred people.

More information can be found at: www.childrensactionplan.govt.nz