Whakatohea Deed of Settlement to be Terminated

  • Doug Graham
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

The Minister in Charge of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Hon D.A.M. Graham, said today that following a meeting with Whakatohea's negotiators it was clear there was insufficient support among them for the Deed of Settlement.

As a result no formal ratification proposal had been put to the beneficiaries by the negotiators since the Deed was signed in October 1996.

'I understand that at least some of the negotiators wish to conduct some further research in support of their claim,' he said.

'No settlement would be durable in those circumstances and it is best for the parties to return to square one.'

It had therefore been agreed the proposed settlement would be terminated on 31 March 1998, Mr Graham said.

The Deed of Settlement, signed by the Crown and a representative of the negotiators, agreed a $40 million comprehensive settlement of Whakatohea's historical Treaty of Waitangi claims against the Crown subject to ratification by tribal beneficiaries.

Mr Graham said he regretted the negotiations had come to nothing as both the Crown and Whakatohea had put a great deal of effort into the settlement.

'I have invited the negotiators to contact me when they have completed the further research and wish, as a united group, to enter negotiations again,' he said.

'But I have told them I am not prepared to give Whakatohea any precedence over current or planned negotiations with other claimants and they must now take their place among other tribes seeking to settle their historical grievances.'