Whānau creating their own answers to housing

  • Te Ururoa Flavell
Maori Development

Māori Development Minister, Te Ururoa Flavell, says a dream has been realised for five whānau in Ngāruawāhia with the opening of a new papakāinga today.

The papakāinga project will house five whānau, and for the Hone and Miriama Turner Whānau Trust, which is the driving force behind the project, today’s opening is a dream come true, Mr Flavell says.

“This project highlights one of the key outcomes of the Māori Housing Network, that is to build the capability of whānau, hapū and iwi within the Māori housing sector.

“It also reflects the commitment of the Māori Housing Network to support whānau to live in safe, secure and healthy homes,” Mr Flavell says.

The trust has been working to build a nine-bedroom home for 10 adults and nine tamariki on their whānau whenua since 2014.

Since the Māori Housing Network was launched in October 2015, it has approved funding of more than $32 million to improve the quality of housing for whānau; build the capability of whānau, hapū and iwi within the Māori housing sector; increase the supply of affordable housing for Māori and support emergency housing projects.

Mr Flavell says ‘the papakāinga project is a good example of what He Whare Āhuru He Oranga Tāngata – the Māori Housing Strategy is all about - a long-term strategy to improve Māori housing and respond to the housing aspirations of whānau hapū and iwi.’  

For more information about the Māori Housing Network go to www.tpk.govt.nz