Wellbeing focus for Proceeds of Crime Fund

  • Hon Andrew Little

The scope of the Proceeds of Crime Fund has been broadened to include initiatives that have a wellbeing focus and address crime-related harm Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced. The Fund will also retain its focus on fighting organised criminal groups dealing in methamphetamine and other drugs.

“The Fund provides an opportunity for agencies to test new and innovative ideas. By broadening the scope of the Fund, agencies can trial pioneering solutions to complex issues connected to crime-related harm and build an evidence-based case of what works” said Andrew Little.

“Other changes include that at least one third of the funds for allocation must be prioritised for fighting organised criminal groups dealing in methamphetamine and other drugs, expanding the group of agencies who can apply for funding and allowing for multi-year funding for initiatives.

“A funding round is underway and I expect to be able to announce which initiatives will be funded in due course,” said Andrew Little.

“Next steps include promoting the Fund to community organisations and NGOs who can partner with a Government agency to make a funding bid. The next funding round will open by October 2019” Andrew Little said.

The criteria for proposals that seek funding through the Fund in 2019 are:

  • Expansion of alcohol and other drug treatment services;
  • Initiatives to fight organised criminal groups dealing in methamphetamine and other drugs;
  • Initiatives to address mental health issues within the criminal justice system;
  • Initiatives that address crime-related harm to communities and improve community wellbeing.

The Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Finance determine which bids should receive money from the Fund, on the advice of a multi-agency panel which considers and prioritises the bids. The Future of the Proceeds of Crime Fund cabinet paper has been proactively released here https://www.justice.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Publications/Proactive-release-Proceeds-of-Crime-Fund-22-May-2019.pdf