Wayne Mapp not seeking re-election in 2011

  • Wayne Mapp
Defence Science and Innovation

North Shore MP Wayne Mapp has announced his decision not to stand for Parliament in the 2011 election.

“I have been privileged to serve as the Member for North Shore since 1996, and more recently, to serve in the Cabinet under Prime Minister John Key.

“I am leaving for personal and family reasons. I will have been a Member of Parliament for 15 years and have always endeavoured to be an effective Member for the North Shore electorate.

“When the election is held I will also have completed three years in Cabinet. In both the Defence, and Science and Innovation portfolios, I have set a strategic direction that is intended to be enduring.

“The Defence White Paper outlines New Zealand’s strategic setting, capabilities and funding to provide a clear pathway forward. The Defence Force will be sustainable and meet New Zealand’s security needs over the next 20 years.

“Science and innovation are central to the Government’s economic agenda. The changes over the last two years are intended to achieve real gains in economic growth.

“The changes include simplifying the science system, and ensuring the Crown Research Institutes have clear missions and are properly funded. The new Ministry.of Science and Innovation will lead a strong, well integrated science and innovation system that will improve our economic performance.

“Next year will be a busy one in the two portfolios as we cement these changes.

“Over the next 12 months I will be working on implementing the Defence White Paper.

“I will be working with the new Ministry of Science and Innovation to strengthen and diversify New Zealand’s science system. The Technology Transfer Voucher and the Technology Development Grant announced in Budget 2010 have already been over-subscribed.

“In 2011 I will be focusing on supporting research commercialisation, building our core science infrastructure and promoting further business growth through successful innovation,” Dr Mapp said.

“North Shore will be selecting a new candidate for the 2011 election. I look forward to supporting that person in the campaign, and as he or she serves North Shore in Parliament.”