Waste of Select Committee Time

  • Jack Elder
Internal Affairs

Referring the changes in the Fire Service to the Internal Affairs Select Committee would be a waste of a very busy committee's time, Internal Affairs Minister Jack Elder said today.

He was commenting on the call by a number of Opposition MPs for this to be done in the wake of the Fire Service Commission's decision to remove a layer of bureaucracy from the Fire Service structure.

"Select committees have far better things to do with their time than pander to the whims of grandstanding MPs," Mr Elder said.

"Both the Chairman and Deputy of the Commission had offered to brief the MPs tomorrow to explain all the detail of the changes, but this was declined by them."

"I find it strange that these MPs do not want to be informed of the facts in this matter, and would rather work on the basis of innuendo and misinformation.

"One of the MPs, United leader Peter Dunne, had earlier declined a briefing from Commission Chairman Roger Estall to correct a number of recurring factual errors in his press statements.

"It appears ignorance is bliss to Mr Dunne, with him going out of his way to avoid finding out the facts of what he is talking about."