Wages Fell Under Labour, Have Grown Under ECA

  • Max Bradford
Enterprise and Commerce

Misinformation is the only answer Labour has to the real wage growth of almost one per cent a year under the Employment Contracts Act, Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford said today.

"Since 1991 when the Act was introduced, real wage growth has averaged 0.9 per cent a year, compared to the negative growth when Labour was last in office.

"Despite this, Labour leader Helen Clark continues to falsely claim the ECA has driven wages down.

"The ECA has led to real wage growth and has the track record to prove it," Mr Bradford said.

"This is in stark contrast to Miss Clark and the Labour party whose policies effectively cut wages when they were last in government.

"The future with Labour is clear; back to the failed policies of the past, back to lower wages, higher taxes and union domination," Mr Bradford said.