Visit by the Princess Royal

  • Helen Clark
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today that HRH the Princess Royal will visit New Zealand from 14 to 18 November, to represent her father at a conference in Christchurch.

“Princess Anne is representing HRH the Duke of Edinburgh at the 23rd Commonwealth Agricultural Conference, and will undertake other engagements during her brief visit,” Helen Clark said.

“The conference of the Royal Agricultural Society embraces representatives from 21 Commonwealth Agricultural Show Societies, and was founded in 1957 by the Duke of Edinburgh. Princess Anne is expected to make brief introductory remarks at the conference on behalf of the Duke.

“Princess Anne is also Colonel in Chief for the Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals and the Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps. She is expected to undertake a military engagement while in New Zealand,” Helen Clark said.

Further details of the visit will be announced at a later stage. Princess Anne last visited New Zealand in June 2006.