Victims Information Line extended to 24/7

  • Amy Adams

Victims of crime and their families now have access to greater support with the extension of the Victim’s Information Line, Justice Minister Amy Adams says.

Established in 2008, the free phone service provides information to victims of crime and their families about what support services are available to them as well as information about the criminal justice system. It also connects victims to services and ensures crisis calls are directed to the correct agency.

As of October 1 this service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Last year the helpline received more than 22,000 calls from across New Zealand. This valuable service ensures victims and people who support them have easy access to an information service dedicated to assisting them during what are often difficult times,” Ms Adams says.

Ms Adams says the initiative is part of the Government’s work to improve victims’ experiences with the justice system.

This month the Minister launched the Victims Code which sets out how victims of crime can expect to be treated by government agencies and organisations that provide services to victims.

“The Victims Code helps victims to be aware of their rights, improves accessibility to information for victims, and makes government agencies more accountable when providing services to victims,” Ms Adams says.

The Code is available on the newly-updated victim’s information website

Ms Adams will also soon announce the appointment of the Chief Victims Advisor to Government as part of the wider work programme to support victims.

“Putting victims first is one of the Government’s key priorities. Making the justice system more responsive and easier to navigate is part of a wider strategy to improve services put victims at the centre of decision-making.”


Victims Information Line: 0800 650 654

Victims Information website: