Veterans to receive additional support

  • Craig Foss
Veterans’ Affairs

Veterans’ Affairs Minister Craig Foss is welcoming additional funding in Budget 2016 for veterans to travel overseas to attend commemorative events or revisit battlefields.

From 1 July 2016 the travel entitlement will increase from $2000 to $2500. The increased entitlement will be available to any new applicants. Those who have accessed part of their existing entitlement may reapply up to the new maximum.

“This Government honours the contribution our veterans have made to the peace, freedom and security New Zealand enjoys today,” Mr Foss says.

“Returning to a battlefield and taking part in significant commemorative events can play an important role in recovery and closure for veterans.

“For some, the opportunity to return along with family members is a critical part of telling their family story.

“This additional financial support recognises the significance of commemorative visits for many veterans, and acknowledges the sacrifices they made in serving their country.

“The increased amount is expected to cover much of the cost of travel for contemporary veterans who served in places like Bosnia and East Timor.”