Veterans’ Health Advisory Panel appointment

  • Craig Foss
Veterans’ Affairs

Veterans’ Affairs Minister Craig Foss today announced the appointment of Cathy O’Malley as Chairperson of the Veterans’ Health Advisory Panel.

“Ms O’Malley has senior governance experience within the public and private sectors and has studied health organisations and leadership at the prestigious Harvard Business School,” Mr Foss says.

“I’m confident Ms O’Malley’s health sector experience and strong leadership credentials will serve her — and the panel — well in this new role.”   

Ms O’Malley recently left her role as the Ministry of Health’s Deputy-Director General Sector Capability and Implementation for a senior leadership role at the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

Former Chairperson, Dr Marie Bismark, has been reappointed as a Panel member.

“Dr Bismark’s reappointment is an added bonus as the Panel retains her valuable skills and experience in law, public health and private sector research, as well as knowledge of the Panel’s previous work,” Mr Foss says.

The Veterans’ Health Advisory Panel is a statutory body that provides advice to the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs on veterans’ health and the making of regulations, and makes decisions on the allocation of funds from the Veterans’ Medical Research Trust Fund.