Upton supports ERMA's salmon decision

  • Simon Upton

"The Environmental Risk Management Authority's decision to reassess controls on genetically modified salmon is evidence that the Hazardous substances and New Organisms Act is working properly", Environment Minister Rt Hon simon Upton said today. "It is a very tough piece of legislation that parliament enacted to ensure that a precautionary approach is taken where new and novel organisms are involved".

"I am very disappointed that Jeanette Fitzsimons should dismiss eRMA New Zealand's actions as "hand-wringing". It would be hard to imagine a more rigorous, more cautions piece of legislation. Calling for an outright moratorium is simply a way of saying that we shouldn't apply our minds to the issues".

Mr Upton stressed that the inadequate controls ERMA New Zealand is moving to reassess were imposed prior to the enactment of the legislation which enjoyed the unanimous support of the House.