Updated Pacific disability plan welcomed

  • Nicky Wagner

Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner is welcoming the updated Faiva Ora — National Pasifika Disability Plan.

“This update will help reduce stigma, enhance access and improve the quality of services for Pasifika disabled people,” Ms Wagner says.

“It sets out priority outcomes and actions that will contribute to achieving the plan’s vision — that Pasifika disabled people and their families can live in their homes and take part in their communities just as other New Zealanders do.”

Research into New Zealand’s disability population shows Pasifika disabled people are historically low users of disability support services. They often access services late and present with high support needs.

“Faiva Ora is designed to ensure Pasifika people are aware of, understand and know how to access disability services,” Ms Wagner says.

“It aims to improve the cultural responsiveness of disability support services used by Pasifika people, and ensure family members and carers are adequately supported.”

Implementation of the plan is supported by Pacific health provider Le Va.

“With Le Va’s involvement there was a 13 per cent increase in Pasifika people accessing and receiving Ministry of Health funded disability support services from September 2013 to September 2016.

“This updated plan will help ensure more Pasifika disabled people receive the support they need.”

For more information, visit: http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/faiva-ora-2016-2021-national-pasifika-disability-plan