Update on Marsden Point pipeline disruption

  • Judith Collins
Energy and Resources

Jet fuel has started to arrive to the Wiri terminal from Marsden Point, and is expected to reach Auckland Airport by Tuesday, Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins says.

“The new section of pipeline has been welded, certified, pressurised and the first batch of jet fuel is now arriving at the Wiri terminal in South Auckland. Once it has finished arriving at Wiri, it will take 30 hours for the fuel to settle. It is expected to be ready to load on planes from the early hours of Tuesday morning,” Ms Collins says.

“While great progress has been made on restoring supply through the pipeline, government and industry are continuing to work tirelessly to ensure fuel is still getting where it needs to be.

“The Matuku has now offloaded 1.5 million litres of jet fuel and 7.9 million litres of diesel, at Auckland’s Wynyard Wharf, and this fuel will be ready for distribution by Wednesday, if not sooner.

“Three trucks are going between Marsden Point and Auckland Airport twice daily, with five trucks expected on the road on Monday. More than 140,000 litres of jet fuel was trucked to Auckland Airport yesterday, with 151,000 litres expected to arrive today.

“Airlines are continuing to operate their networks on the 50 per cent fuel allocation from Auckland, with increasing stability and minimal disruption to passengers. The number of flight cancellations has been steadily decreasing, with no domestic flight cancellations this weekend, only five fuel-related cancellations to international flights yesterday, and two expected today,” Ms Collins says.

“It’s fantastic to see the continual progress that is being made, and everything remaining on track.”