Update on Marsden Point pipeline disruption

  • Judith Collins
Energy and Resources

Progress on the pipeline repair, and alternative jet fuel supply options mean that pipeline related disruptions will continue to ease from tonight, Minister for Energy and Resources Judith Collins says.

  • Airline fuel allocations will move from 30 per cent to 50 per cent at midnight tonight.
  • Air New Zealand has advised that it is expecting to operate its regular schedule tomorrow with no fuel related cancellations.
  • Chief Executives have been advised that travel restrictions for public servants will be lifted.  

“Central and local government have taken significant measures to both fix the problem and reduce the impact, and will continue to work with the industry.”

HMNZ Endeavour will arrive in Marsden point tonight. The New Zealand Defence Force has 20 drivers working with industry to transport Jet fuel to Auckland Airport. They will carry between 500,000 and 700,000 litres in a 24 hour period. Which is significant when airlines are drawing approximately 1million litres per day. In addition the NZDF is providing significant logistical support.

“This is great news. I am heartened that we were able to work so well, and so effectively, with minimal disruption.”