Update on Marsden Point pipeline disruption

  • Judith Collins
Energy and Resources

A joint industry-government group has been convened to oversee the full re-instalment of jet fuel supplies into Auckland airport, says Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins.

“The Group is coordinating the responses to the supply issues arising from the Marsden Point fuel pipeline outage.

“It includes representatives from ExxonMobil, Z Energy, BP, Air New Zealand, KiwiRail, Auckland Council, Auckland Airport, Auckland Transport, New Zealand Defence Force, Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, and the Ministry of Transport.

“The Group is working full time until issues are resolved, to streamline information flows and ensure logistics are effectively managed.

“It is part of the government’s wider response to support industry efforts to address the disruption,” Ms Collins says.

The government is moving on several fronts in transport to do everything possible to improve supply, including making it easier for carriers to get overweight permits so tankers can (safely) carry more fuel. 

There is already an existing procedure for permitting overweight vehicles and New Zealand Transport Agency is working with industry to get the required permits. Twelve permits have been issued so far.

Importantly, certain checks are still required to ensure the routes cause minimal disruption to the roading network. This is being worked out as quickly as possible to get more fuel trucks moving. 

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is providing significant logistical support to assist in the movement of fuel and taking measures to supplement supply.

The government and industry have asked NZDF to deploy the HMNZS Endeavour to Marsden Point. The Endeavour will set sail for Marsden Point at 11am tomorrow.

NZDF is offering the fuel industry the use of trucks and drivers and is currently finalising logistics.

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