Update on Marsden Point pipeline disruption

  • Judith Collins
Energy and Resources

The Government is actively supporting industry efforts to address the disruption arising from the Marsden Point fuel pipeline outage, Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins says.

“The Government is continuing to identify and implement a range of measures to free up the movement of fuel to where it is needed, and minimise disruption to Kiwi and visitors.

“While air travel will continue to be affected until the pipeline is fully operational, the fuel industry has advised government that impacts on petrol and diesel supply for motorists are minimal,” Ms Collins says.

The New Zealand Defence Force is providing significant logistical support to assist in the movement of fuel and taking measures to supplement supply. 

“NZDF have taken steps to reduce its jet fuel demand and further options to help fuel supply are being worked through.

“They are currently talking with industry about when and where the 20 Category 5 NZDF tanker drivers and 2 trucks can best be deployed to transport fuel.

“We’re moving on several fronts in transport to do everything possible to improve supply. The NZTA are assisting with resources, systems and processes to allow Over Weight Permits (OWP’s) to be processed quickly.  This includes ensuring the routes cause minimal disruption to the roading network.”

Weight restrictions have been lifted by 15 per cent for fuel tankers and a number of other measures are also being progressed including:

  • Removing restrictions on when fuel can be delivered to service stations and truck stops
  • Allowing fuel tankers to us bus and transit lanes
  • Extending the permissible driving hours where safe to do so

The Government is also acting to minimise impacts on travellers. Immigration NZ is providing advice to clients whose NZ visas are at risk of expiring due to cancellations or postponements. Any people whose visas are due to expire will be given an electronic visa free of charge.