University Chancellors Welcome Education Taskforce

  • Max Bradford
Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education Minister Max Bradford has welcomed the willingness of universities to participate in the upcoming review of New Zealand's tertiary education structure.

The soon to be appointed Higher Learning Sector Taskforce will consider the best arrangements to ensure tertiary education providers deliver high quality and relevant education.

The proposed terms of reference for the taskforce are to be released soon.

At Victoria University?s centennial awards in Wellington last night, Chancellor Douglas White said universities were ready to play a key part in the review.

"On behalf of all New Zealand chancellors, I am able to say that the Universities are ready and willing to be consulted and to participate in this process.

"With our involvement we are confident that the right answers will be obtained," Mr White said.

Mr White also applauded the $223 million Bright Future Package and its policies to foster excellence and innovation.

"With the announcement of a new Higher Learning Sector Taskforce, the time is ripe for a comprehensive review of the policies which currently affect tertiary education," Mr White said.

Mr Bradford said the education, business and research sectors all needed to work more closely together if New Zealand was to prosper.

"In the knowledge age of the 21st century ideas will be our most valuable resource.

"People and ideas must be able to move readily between business and research in order to keep university research focussed and relevant, and to provide business with the creativity and ideas it needs to flourish.

"We can be justifiably proud of the achievements of our tertiary sector.

"But we have to improve the quality and the focus of education if we hope to keep in step with the Irelands and Singapores, which are building strong economies based on educational excellence," Mr Bradford said.