• Max Bradford

Labour Minister Max Bradford today slammed a union newsletter, purporting to outline Government changes to the Employment Contracts Act, as "an absolutely outrageous fabrication" and "pure fantasy".

The pamphlet, published by the Canterbury Combined unions, claims the Coalition Government is planning to dismiss workers at will, refuse to recognise unions, cut all rights to redundancy pay, abolish the Employment Tribunal and Court, abolish the minimum wage, and slash workers rights to leave.

"None of this is true," Mr Bradford said. "It's pure fantasy. People have nothing to fear from the Government's review of the Employment Contracts Act and the Holidays Act. The Coalition Government is committed to an industrial relations policy that is fair, flexible and neutral.

"This latest pamphlet is just another phase of a disgraceful misinformation campaign being conducted by a few unions to scare workers rather than inform them," he said.

Mr Bradford said that only just yesterday he announced an increase in funding for the Employment Tribunal, as well as a doubling in the Government contribution to private sector projects designed to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

"These are hardly the actions of a Government that allegedly wants to slash workers rights," he said.

Mr Bradford said the ECA and Holidays Act reviews are almost complete,
and decisions are expected to be made soon.

"Any proposed changes will, of course, be subject to the usual Parliamentary
Select Committee process and the public will have the opportunity to make