Transport investment for future Drury town

  • Hon Phil Twyford
Urban Development

NZ Upgrade transport investments in South Auckland will lay the foundations for a future town at Drury and represent a new way to help our biggest city grow, Minister of Transport and Urban Development Phil Twyford says.

“Our Government is investing $2.4 billion in roads and rail to unlock growth in South Auckland and support a new town at Drury, as well as further development at Paerata, Pukekohe and Karaka,” Phil Twyford said.

“This includes $1.35 billion to build Mill Road, $371 million to extend the electrified rail network to Pukekohe, $247 million for new railway stations, a park and ride facility, and a bus and rail interchange at Drury, and $423 million to improve State Highway 1 between Papakura and Drury South.

“This is a break from the ad hoc way we have previously planned our towns and suburbs. Instead of transport infrastructure having the catch up with housing development, we are investing in the roads and rail from the outset. For the first time, we’re putting the horse before the cart.

“Drury will be a well-planned community with all the jobs, facilities, retail and public spaces people want. Families who want to move there will be able to do so without needing to have a car as there will already be two train stations, and connecting walkways and cycleways.

“Developers are not only poised to start building homes around these transport connections, they are in discussions with the Green Building Council’s to adopt their Green Star community standards which require outstanding and sustainable amenities for residents, workers and visitors.

“It would be the first time the Green Star community standards have been used in New Zealand and would make Drury an exemplar of urban development.

“A new town at Drury will need schools, and social and health services, and talks to look at future amenities are already underway between government departments. 

“Drury is located in the economic geographic centre of Golden Triangle of Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton. We know Auckland will expand south and that’s why we are future proofing against congestion by building essential transport infrastructure first.

“We are laying the foundations for Drury to be a thriving future town,” Phil Twyford said.


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