Trans-Tasman Recognition of Vocational Qualifications

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education

New Zealand and Australia will recognise each other's nationally recognised vocational qualifications from the beginning of 2000, Associate Minister of Education Brian Donnelly said today.

Mr. Donnelly has just returned from the Australian National Training Authority Ministerial Conference in Melbourne, where he and Australian education ministers adopted a 'Declaration of Confidence' in the two countries' vocational education and training qualifications.

"Essentially, this means that Australia will recognise qualifications registered on the New Zealand National Qualifications Framework, and we will recognise qualifications registered on the Australian
Qualifications Framework," Mr. Donnelly said.

"We can do this because each country has confidence in the validity of the quality assurance processes that underpin nationally recognised vocational education and training qualifications in the other country."

The declaration will encourage industry and training providers to work together to advance a trans-Tasman training market. It will also support the working of a single trans-Tasman labour market.

"Once the arrangement takes effect on 1 January 2000, we expect industry training bodies on either side of the Tasman to accept each other's qualifications, although an industry body can defer recognition for up to one year if it can demonstrate that it is necessary."

"Of course, the decision for employers to recognise individual qualifications remains with them, as it is now," Mr. Donnelly said. "However, employers will be assured that qualifications from the other country are underpinned by quality assurance and other processes."