Training Providers and Programmes Under the New

  • Brian Donnelly
Associate Minister of Education

There will need to be even more good quality training providers and programmes under the new Employment Strategy, according to Employment Minister, Peter McCardle, and Associate Education Minister, Brian Donnelly.

"The Government has no plans to reduce its commitment to training that assists disadvantaged groups and the long-term unemployed into work," the Ministers said,

The Ministers were responding to concerns from the Northland Training Providers Association that the Government is planning to use the current TOP funding as part of its wider plans for reorganising employment programmes.

"Officials and ministers are still considering whether TOP should remain in the Education Training Support Agency or be moved to the proposed new employment structure," the Ministers said.

"Whatever decision is made, TOP funding will not disappear and the thrust of the scheme will

"TOP works very well. Last year 44,000 people took part in TOP, with over half of the people with low qualifications getting jobs following their courses. Maori long-term unemployed and Pacific Island people do particularly well out of the programme."

"The Government has signaled quite clearly that it intends to integrate the delivery of job search, training and income support assistance to the unemployed as part of its wider Employment Strategy", said Mr. McCardle.

"Decisions however have yet to be made as to the detail of the new employment structure."

Associate Education Minister Brian Donnelly said the Government has not reduced its commitment to providing employment-related training opportunities for the long-term unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.

He said in working through the structural changes to employment-related resources, the Government was determined to ensure that good quality initiatives that provide positive outcomes for the Government's investment, including training, are maintained.

"The Government has no intention of throwing away that success of TOP and the chance that good quality training provides for the long-term unemployed or people with low qualifications."