Trade Minister To Present Export Commendation Award To Hamilton's Milfos International Ltd

  • Dr Lockwood Smith

Trade Minister Lockwood Smith will present a Trade New Zealand Export Commendation Award to Hamilton's Milfos International Ltd when he visits the company today.

The presentation will take place at 3.30 pm at the company's premises at 20 Devon Road, Hamilton, and is part of Dr Smith's programme of meeting with small to medium sized exporters around New Zealand to discuss their views on the Government's priorities.

Dr Smith says he looks forward to congratulating the company on its success.

"It's another example of a small- to medium-sized New Zealand exporter taking on the world and winning," he said today. "It is operating in an industry where New Zealand has a clear competitive advantage, and is leading the world in developing 21st Century technology."

Milfos International Ltd was established by Waikato dairy equipment manufacturer Philip Locke in 1987 to manufacture components, valves and stainless steel fittings for the dairy industry and other industrial users.

It now concentrates on meeting the wider needs of dairy farmers by developing, manufacturing and marketing sophisticated equipment that incorporates the latest advances in technology.

The company's products are widely sold under the brand name Milka-Ware and it now has an Australian partner, Milka-Ware Australia.

Among the company's recent successes has been an increase in exports to South Africa of 200% in the last financial year.