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Tim Groser

19 June, 2012

TPP members welcome Mexico as a new member in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations

Minister of Trade, Tim Groser is pleased to make the following statement on behalf of the nine members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States of America and Viet Nam today welcomed Mexico as a new participant in negotiations to conclude a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

“We believe that Mexico’s participation in the negotiations will contribute to the objective of creating a 21st-Century agreement that will spur economic growth and development, promote innovation, benefit our consumers, and support the creation and retention of jobs, higher living standards and the reduction of poverty in our countries and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

“The current TPP members particularly welcomed Mexico’s commitment to achieving the shared goal of a comprehensive, high-ambition, next-generation agreement as rapidly as possible, consistent with the statements made by TPP Leaders and Trade Ministers on 12 November 2011 in Honolulu. We look forward to working with Mexico as we seek to conclude a comprehensive and balanced package, taking into account the diversity of our levels of development.

“The current TPP participants will now complete their domestic legal procedures, where applicable, after which Mexico will formally join and participate in the negotiations.”

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