• Dr Lockwood Smith
International Trade

The New Zealand Tourism Board's global marketing campaign is providing a cornerstone for building a stronger international presence for New Zealand, according to Trade and Tourism Minister Lockwood Smith.

While visiting Rotorua with local Member of Parliament Max Bradford, Dr Smith signalled an expansion of the ‘100% Pure New Zealand' campaign to include marketing of New Zealand's international education services.
"Just a couple of weeks ago I reviewed the success of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign at the New Zealand Tourism Board's London office," Dr Smith said.

"As a former marketing manager for the New Zealand Dairy Board, I was impressed with the flexibility of the Tourism Board's strategy, and in the UK market, the campaign has received enthusiastic support, and made a major impact.

"President Clinton's powerful endorsement of New Zealand will also significantly increase the campaign's impact. Mr Clinton's comments are a superb endorsement for New Zealand as a visitor destination and almost perfectly reflect the values and images contained in the Tourism Board's campaign," Dr Smith said.

"But I'm equally enthusiastic about the ability of the 100% Pure campaign to support the wider export sector. The ‘100% Pure' tag line strongly underpins our food and beverage sector and we've also seen that it can support the international marketing of education services.

"As a small nation with a small budget relative to the big international players, it is vital that we co-ordinate our activities as much as possible to present a single, coherent and compelling message in our international markets.

"New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit, but we're also an innovative producer and competitive provider of goods and services. The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign provides an excellent foundation to transmit this message to the world," Dr Smith concluded.