Top twenty public service transactions to go digital by 2021

  • Peter Dunne
Internal Affairs

With a focus on providing New Zealanders with easy access to public services, the government’s Result Action Plan released today will see 80% of the transactions for the twenty most common public services completed digitally by 2021.  

Minister for Internal Affairs Peter Dunne said the action plan builds on the success of the Better Public Services Result 10 work to date.

“The digital world is changing more rapidly than it ever has, and to meet rising New Zealanders’ expectations, we are making it quicker and easier for New Zealanders to use government services digitally. 

“It is about people having easy access to public services, which are designed around them, when they need them.

“We have made great progress but we need to do more and we need to go faster. The action plan, including a refreshed vision and a new target will help us do that,” he said.

Since 2012, when Better Public Services became a priority, the Result 10 group of agencies have proactively used their mandate to change the way government delivers its services, with a focus on reducing the number of hoops people need to go through to get what they need.

While transactions have become easier to complete in a digital environment, Result 10 is lifting the bar by extending the attention and digital uptake from the current ten most common transactions to twenty; and from 70% uptake to 80%.

Result 10 is also focusing on customer experience. “People contact government for an outcome, not just to receive a particular service. They want to renew a passport because the want to travel; they apply for an Inland Revenue number because they want to work. Yet the more people have to deal with government and the, more agencies they have to deal with during one transaction or service, the more pain points they experience. The way forward will see services more joined up. It will be simpler and less cumbersome.

“By providing services that are easy to use, are designed around people’s needs and available to them when they need them, Result 10 is transforming how people interact with government and is contributing to the wider Better Public Services vison of a joined up state sector system that puts people at the centre of service delivery,” Mr Dunne said.

The Result 10 Video

To read more on what Department of Internal Affairs is doing to achieve Result 10 see the Result Action Plan.

For more information about this and other results areas, see Better Public Services on the State Services Commission's website.

Further Result 10 information is available on, including Result 10 customer research.

Background information

Result 10 was launched in 2012 with the vision “New Zealanders can complete their transactions with government easily in a digital environment” and the following target: “By 2017 an average of 70% of New Zealanders most common transactions with government will be completed in a digital environment.

This target still applies to December 2017.

In March 2017 the vision was refreshed: “People have easy access to Public Services, which are designed around them, when they need them” and a new target was set: “80% of the transactions for the twenty most common public services will be completed digitally by 2021”.

Result 10 is led by the Department of Internal Affairs and collaboratively delivered by agencies.