Toothfish Still Under The Spotlight

  • Simon Upton
Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Associate Foreign Minister Simon Upton welcomed the determination of Antarctic Treaty members not to let the pirate
fishing of toothfish fall off the international agenda.

New Zealand officials have taken part in the thirteenth Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting in Lima, which has just
concluded. Although the management of Antarctic fisheries falls under a different body - the Commission for the
Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) - most parties to the Antarctic Treaty are members of
CCAMLR as well.

"New Zealand has long held the view that if the wanton pillaging of toothfish in Antarctic waters is left unresolved, the
credibility not only of CCAMLR, but the whole Antarctic Treaty system, would ultimately be undermined."

"Therefore, it is pleasing that the ATCM member countries adopted a resolution calling on CCAMLR members to take
effective measures at CCAMLR's next meeting to conserve toothfish, including the adoption of a catch documentation

"We can now expect CCAMLR to take firm measures against the illegal and unregulated fishing of toothfish at its next
meeting, in October.

"New Zealand will certainly be at the forefront of efforts to deliver some concrete action", Mr Upton concluded.