Three years of high achievement for Chinese radio

  • George Hawkins
Ethnic Affairs

Three years on-the-air is an outstanding achievement for AM990 Radio Chinese.

Minister for Ethnic Affairs Hon George Hawkins visited AM990 and found it is the only Chinese radio broadcast that is on air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The radio recently celebrated three years on the airwaves in New Zealand.

"It's a fantastic achievement. The Chinese community in Auckland is able to enjoy news, easy-listening music and cultural programmes. AM990 Radio Chinese has proven to be a voice to the Auckland Chinese community," Ethnic Affairs Minister George Hawkins said.

AM990 is the only 24 hours Chinese radio station in New Zealand. It broadcasts a mix of London BBC, Hong Kong RTHK and Taiwan BCC Mandarin and Cantonese live news and music programmes.

"What is particularly pleasing about AM990 Radio Chinese is that it features BBC English teaching. This is really valuable for Chinese residents and visitors in Auckland who wish to improve their English language skills," George Hawkins said.

Both George Hawkins and Pacific Island Affairs Minister Mark Gosche recently attended a third anniversary celebration in Remuera, Auckland.

Both Ministers represented the Government at the event and extended the best wishes of Prime Minister Helen Clark to the 300-strong audience attending the celebration.