Threat Reveals Union Agenda

  • Max Bradford
Enterprise and Commerce

Incoming CTU president Ross Wilson's threat to call on overseas unions to undermine a future centre-right government shows the desperation of unions to again dominate workplaces, Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford says.

Mr Bradford was responding to Mr Wilson's comments on Radio New Zealand this morning.

"It is an extraordinary statement from the new CTU president. Unions represent only a small proportion of the population, yet Mr Wilson is prepared to call on international comrades to undermine any democratically elected future National-led government.

"His stance is absolutely consistent with the Labour-Alliance-Green bloc's nostalgic, coercive approach to industrial relations.

"Under a left-leaning government New Zealanders can expect higher taxes, higher business costs and therefore less jobs.

"They can also expect a return to the strike-filled days of the 1970s and 1980s.

"More strikes will mean less money in peoples' pockets as they are coerced onto picket lines because of third party agendas.

"The Labour-Alliance-CTU agenda is a recipe to bring this country to its knees," Mr Bradford said.