There's little hope for the left…

  • Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

There's little hope the Left could form any sort of Government, if they have so much trouble trusting each other over disabled parking spaces, said Roger Sowry.

He was commenting on the incident in Napier when Geoff Braybrooke made a disabled man move his car so Helen Clark could park in a disabled carpark.

"Mr Braybrooke explained that his actions were motivated by the fact that the gentleman's car had an Alliance sticker on it, so he assumed it must be some Alliance plot to disrupt Ms Clark's meeting."

In fact the wheelchair-bound driver said he wanted to attend the meeting, but gave up in frustration after being told to move his car because Helen Clark could not be asked to walk down the street.

"So much for the 'woman of the people' line Labour are trying to sell the public."

"After all this Ms Clark's car simply dropped her off and drove away - leaving the park empty.

"Labour's complete paranoia about their coalition partner the Alliance would be hilarious if it wasn't such a serious issue for the country."