Their Voices Have Been Heard

  • Peter McCardle

Employment Minister Peter McCardle said today that no one has missed out in giving their views to the Social Services select committee which is considering the Work Test Amendment Bill.

"All comments are being considered, as everyone who wished to make oral submissions also made written submissions, which I and the committee have spent many hours reading.

"However I am prepared to accept any further written comments, even though the deadline has passed. They can be sent direct to my office in parliament," he said.

"I am genuinely interested in getting the best legislation in place, and remain open to change if the change is for the better."

Mr McCardle said, "I would have preferred that the committee had set aside more time for oral submissions, but it was the committee itself, including the Labour member on it, which decided on a one-day hearing. Labour's hastily-organised additional meeting is nothing but a stunt."